Saturday, March 7, 2015

1939 EL Finish Fork and Fender Reassembly

Slid the fender back into place...

Rockers, locks and nuts...

Fender bolted back up...Brake re-installed...

1939 brake shackle...grease fitting to the rear on the shackle end

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  1. I finally got sick of the c-clamp method . I put two anchors in my floor and drilled a 9/16ths hole though an 8X8 railroad tie and put 2pcs. of1/2" threaded rod to hold it to the ground..drilled two more holes in the floor outside of that to put in threaded eye-hooks. now use tie downs to hold it in place. No more scratching the paint and no more c-clamp in the way. After the initial set-up In ten mins. you'll be taking off the nuts on the top of the spring fork. you may not care ,but I got tired of fighting it.