Monday, July 20, 2009

Wauseon Ohio 2009 More

What could be better then Drag Racing Knuckleheads in Englishtown NJ one weekend and Flat Track Racing Flatheads in Western Ohio the next?
Well that's how my week went! My middle son and I just returned from Wauseon Ohio where the AMCA puts on a great National Meet and right on the grounds are Vintage Flat Track races! My old 1938 WLDR #33 was up to the task again this year and performed great for a motor that's been together for at least 50 years without a rebuild! My goals: Don't Crash and don't come in dead last...both achieved! I ran in the Hand Shift Class 1936 - 1951. What a friggin' blast!
The Board track Class was really alive this year with about 14 Board track bikes on the track 1929 and back. This is no fluffy parade lap these guys do beat those things which was evident when I witnessed Evan's J model (ridden by Pat "The Thin Man") blow chunks of cylinder head across the track. Dale Walkser brought out "The Last Board Tracker" built by HD in 1929. Cool OHV DAH type Motor with a crazy story behind it. They were shooting a pilot for a History Channel show during the race. There's a picture of the bike in the previous post.
You gotta make Wauseon!!! It is always worth the 550 mile trip for me. Not to mention I picked up a great unmolested (slightly bent) 39 Knuckle frame.


  1. Great to see so many old racers out and being run instead of locked away in museums. Sort of like a biker version of a Civil War reenactment. Wish it wasn't so far from me.

  2. They'll be doin' it again in Davenport Iowa Labor Day weekend. (I can't make that one).