Sunday, July 12, 2009

Motor Speedway Drag Races!!!!!!!

Got back last night from the MOTOR SPEEDWAY Drag Races at Raceway Park Englishtown NJ.
What a blast! Where else can you get on a real 1/8 Drag Strip and race Knuckleheads? Hot Rods and cars 1958 and older only, Bikes up to 1965. Oh yeah and a Real Live Flag Girl!
Mel runs a great show and what a great bar on site! Check out the pics. The inside is littered with old bike and Hot Rod stuff, hell I rode my 41 Knuckle right in and up to the bar! ("A beer for me and a sidecar for my friend"). Next thing you know there was a 57 Pan and an Indian pulled in with me! We hung out late into the night. Mel plays old Hot Rod and Bike movies on a giant outdoor screen, Drive In style after dark. A bunch of other guys from the AMCA came in from South Jersey, PA and NY State. There was everything form a JD Twin Cam to Knuckleheads, Panheads, Flatheads, Triumphs you name it.
I might have to head back there again this summer (unless Mel got tossed outta there after our antics...). They will be doing this throughout the summer so check it out if you are around Jersey!
I forgot my camera so I popped off a few pics with my cell phone. I'll get some more pictures and throw them up.

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