Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Don't Look in the Basement!

These shots were taken at different times during 1987 in the basement of my first house. My organizational skills have improved slightly since then. In a couple of these shots I can see the 39WLD that I got running last year and was in Greasy Kulture #8. I also see the back fender of the 57 Pan that I am working on now. It belonged to a buddy of mine back then and I bought it from him a couple of years ago.
JD's, 45's, Knuckles, Pans even a Goulding sidecar all in a dark, nasty basement...what more could a boy want?


  1. I would like to hear the story of how you acquired all your treasure. Did you buy out an old stash, collected over the years, or something else? I think that would make a very interesting story.

  2. Well Geoffrey, This pics are from over 20 years ago, so alot of that has come and gone. How I aquired motorcycle stuff is a bunch of different stories and is a variety of the scenarios you mention.