Sunday, October 17, 2010

50 FL Thoro Shift...with a strange twist!

I went to a Local Bike Show/Car Show/ Swap Meet yesterday. While riding over on my 47 FL, I rode up behind a 50 Pan. I have seen this original green paint pan before at various meets and met the owner last year. The interesting thing about this pan is the cool Thoro Shifter that the original owner had installed to convert it to foot shift. I have a Thoro on my 47 U and it is cool as shit!
The even more interesting thing about this 50 FL is that it is 5 fucking serial numbers apart from a 1950 FL that I own!!!! Both bikes spent the last 60 years in the same general area in Eastern PA. The even, even more interesting thing is that mine has a B&H foot shift conversion installed on it!
Both 1950 FL's, 5 serial numbers apart, sold in Eastern PA (maybe from the same dealer), both converted to each type of foot shift conversion available at the time, and both currently with owners that live about 5 miles apart!!!! DAMN!!!!
How did I find out about the numbers?
I just happened to get a weird feeling last year when I first saw the bike at Jefferson PA and looked at the numbers on this 1950. They seemed awfully close to mine so when I got home I rechecked my motor and holy shit 5 apart!

This kinda shit happens to me every day!


  1. Must be non-bipole magnetic anomalies, causing these strange occurrences.

  2. That's a very cool set-up... have never seen one before.

  3. Hey Guy, Check out the very first post I ever Blogged. It was a couple of pics and a few words on the Thoro Shift that I have on my 47 Flathead.

  4. Aha... then I have seen one before!