Thursday, October 21, 2010

The George Miller Collection

George Miller has been around the New Jersey motorcycle scene since the 40's. I see him at AMCA meets in the area all the time. He is a wealth of knowledge and his memory of the distant past is sharp as a tack. He has a great collection of photos from the 40's and 50's from in and around New Jersey...mostly racing. I have scanned some and will post them from time to time.
The bikes in the above picture have some cool accessories... Roll up windshield, spot lights, etc. One of the more interesting are the shocks on the springer front ends. From what I have noticed, these seem to be a Jersey thing. I know they were sold at B&D's in Rahway NJ back then.
I have one side (shock) that I got on a springer I bought years ago.
The picture is pretty good quality and you can get into the detail....more to come!

1 comment:

  1. Damned what a cool pic, thanks a lot :-).
    I just love that Hanson Sport shield and would love to have one of those repops that I have learned from the www where made of a guy named Gary Gardener. Any chance you know his details and could get me them on my email; sve*** (remove the ***)?
    Having just bought a -48 Pan I think that windshield would have been a great addittion.
    Have never seen shocks mounted to a springer like this before, but I have surely needed them a couple of times when going fast on country roads with my 45"`s.
    OK, look forward to more photos from the Miller collection.