Sunday, October 3, 2010

Jefferson 2010 - Mud Slingin'

The Hill
Mud Machine

Adam's Pan. I want that pipe!!!!!

Billy's ...well I'm not too sure what it is...

Plenty of "Brand X" to look at

More "Brand X"


Dave's 50. Another Sweetheart!

Midnight Rituals


Wild Bill's Wild luggage carrier!

All that was left of Eli in the morning

Y'all know what comes in these jars!

More Mud

Covered in mud

Yeah...I did it...I'm an asshole...

Cool 62 Duo Glide. Original paint...Cool Color

62 & 63

Don't fuck with George when he's cookin' breakfast!

Eatin' Heart Healthy...

Rubba, dub, dub...

Partial to 39 EL' favorite color scheme

Beautiful! Scott's newly acquired 1937 Packard Dealer Servi-car

Jealous again...

Sam's 50

Sam's 47

Brian's immaculate '54. (I didn't spray it with mud)

This 47 EL Chopper (above) is For Sale. I can contact the owner. Ness frame, Durfee Girder

Marv's Knuckle

Ain't gettin' stuck with this!

The story is: Out hunting. Shot at and missed a deer. Heard pellets hit something metalic. Searched and found this in the middle of the woods!!!!! Believe It Or Not!

Back home and in need of a that is...

The Jefferson Meet at the White Rose MC club house is one of my favorites! Low key, No rules...just right. I know I have written it all before (last years post).

This year the weather on Thursday was beyond foul. The word got out that no one was to be let in until Friday morning ...bummer... but the grounds have been known to flood out pretty good.

Well the Chesapeake chapter guys did a great job marking the field between the down pours and a few big rigs were allowed in off the street. I decided to hang at home and head out early Friday morning (about 120 miles). My buddy Joe Oz from Jersey came out to my place Thursday afternoon, we hit some local establishments and kicked back with some Lager and watched 1940's Daytona and hillclimb footage.

When we arrived at the meet Friday morning it was swampy. Vans were lined up in the street and mud was everywhere, but everyone was in a great mood and there were no problems at all. Eventually everyone got in and set up. There was a ton of stuff to look at and parts to rummage through. I came away with a few things I needed.

Friday night the fire got "lit" (along with the rest of us) and the party was on.

I spent most of the two days ripping through the mud on my 46 FL. A blast! Yeah I'm usually that asshole... although nobody seemed to mind...actually most of 'em egged me on! (it doesn't take much).

If you've never been to Jefferson and you're anywhere near PA, try to make it next year.


  1. Still remember last years report, looks like a great event to me and loots of nice pics.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Who is Eli by the way?


  2. Eli is an enigma that appears in the middle of the night at the campfire and sings dirges 'til dawn.