Thursday, November 4, 2010

Big Twin TT Racing in 1950

To me these were the baddest bikes going and the impetus to bobbing your street bike. This TT style has been my influence since I was a teenager. They utilized a lot of the coolest accessories of the period like Flanders, Hellings, MCM, Bates, etc. Cut down fender, 18in wheels sometimes a 19 up front, raised trans, magneto. The knuckle above is a real mix and match. 1936 frame, 47 tank emblems on early tanks (common update), ELC fork (factory extended), can't tell the exact year of the motor but appears to be an '36 - '39 (maybe a '36 based on the frame) with a 41 or later cam cover, Hellings or later Flanders bars with HD rubber mounted risers, Superior Air cleaner, front fender on the rear... man all the good shit!.
The pan seems to be a 49 if the black lower legs are any indication. These TT Panheads are pretty rare. A buddy of mine is attempting to build a 1950 and there is not a whole lot of info out there. I have been scouring my literature for pictures and info. He is doing one with oil in the right tank (no horse shoe oil tank) and an elevated tranny.
Pics above are from an American Motorcycling magazine from 1950.

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