Sunday, November 14, 2010

Ted's II - Main Floor including Chopper Mania!

OK I am over posting today but what the fuck...I gotta get it outta my system. These shots are from the main floor at Ted's. There is a mix of all kinda bikes, but the main attraction is the Choppers and Chopper "stuff" everywhere. My photos don't do this place justice and I probably only captured half of what's there... if that!
I did notice that there was a void in the Knucklehead department. There are only a handful of them. I asked Ted about it...he said "that was an interesting observation and true". He also said the same was true about Panheads. He told me the reason for that is that over the years whenever they got a Pan or Knuckle they would end up selling them to stay afloat because they were easy sellers (everyone wanted one).
The amount of really old bikes here is staggering! I guess they didn't sell any of those!

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