Sunday, November 28, 2010

Dan's Flathead...Today (literally)

I got a call from Dan yesterday morning telling me he just finished up "re-doing" his 47 UL.
Now I am familiar with this term having a lot of the same bikes for over 25 years. I have done a "re-do" on several.
Dan was meticulous on this particular one. He asked if I wanted to come up and shoot it...I said sure! What's a 6 hour round trip on a days notice between friends problem!
Well I just got back and Man this bike looks and runs fuckin' great! The last time I took it for a ride was in 1994...shit 16 years ago. It is still the same paint job, motor, trans etc. He took it apart to get it back into the correct frame (the one it originally came with). He also hand crafted a bitchin' exhaust system, which ain't no easy task gettin' it right for a Flathead! (pic of exhaust to follow).
I thought this thing was flawless the first time around, but it's even better now!

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