Saturday, November 6, 2010

Twisted Customs

Loaded up and off to the welder



I wondered where I left my Buick...


WW II Big Twin Flathead



Well I was going to go to the Vargo Dragway Reunion today (See post from last November) but I decided to get some shit fixed instead. I had cracked the frame cross member on my 46 Knuckle and I found that the the top motor mount on the frame of my Military U was broke right off.
I made arrangements to see Mark down at Twisted Customs and get some welding done. He recently moved into a bigger shop in Kutztown PA. Mark's the guy that painted my 41 FLTT Knuckle black and cream with scallops (which I still haven't finished!). He's always workin' on cool shit at the shop. I took a few pics.
I originally thought I was going to have to do a major tear down and pull the motor out to get the knuck frame repaired. Mark got it taken care of without removing a thing! The kickstand actually broke off while I was at the shop so that got fixed too. Next was the U model top motor mount...again no problem and I'll be getting both bikes back on the road in no time.
The 51 Buick is going back on the lift to finish up the brakes and stuff. The new fuel pump has to go on and hopefully I'll have a winter ride this year.
I really should have learned how to weld when I was a kid...

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