Wednesday, August 1, 2012

47 Transformation - Wheels and Hardware

Getting ready to pull off the Coker Firestone

Two new Continental K112' favorite all weather tire...

One done...

Two done...

Found the actual air cleaner cover I had on the bike 30 years ago...

Found the actual Front Shock I had on the bike 30 years ago...

Hardware ready to go to bolt on the fenders and install the oil tank!

And yes...these are the actual saddlebags I had on the bike back then too...

Working away on the my 47 FL. I'm picking up the sheet metal today and figured, what the hell, I'll through the bike in the van and bolt it on right at Mark's shop. What better way to transport freshly painted sheet metal? I got all the proper hardware together to bring with me. I'm not worried about plating or metal finish on the hardware for this one, just form and function. It's all used and most was on the bike when I first built it. I'll have Mark drill the holes in the fender for the saddle bags...probably shoulda done that prior to paint...I'm murder with a drill so I'll have the "metal man" do it. I had these saddle bags on the bike in the mid '80's. 
I plan on this bike being my rider for long trips and all weather riding so I opted for Continental K112's which I love in the rain and snow. I see they are made in Korea now...thought they were German... oh well. I had them on this knuckle back in the 80's for a while. These are the actual wheels I had on the Knuckle at one time back then. I also ran black wheels with white walls. I still have them and will get them in shape to swap out if needed. I also found my old air cleaner cover and front shock in a box labeled 47 FL from back when I took it apart.


  1. Email just came in from Ben Larson:
    "Not to be fussy, and I know it's your bike, but I see your bottom shock mount is mounted backwards. Just easier to fix now then when you have everything mounted."

    Thanks Ben, I just threw it on the way I found it and didn't even pay attention...I've always used Ride Controls, even on 47's. I probably had it on wrong back in '83! Thanks Again! Jeff

  2. hi wanted to ask how you like the conti k112 rear. running an avon mk2 5.00-16 rear now and hate it on grooved pavement was looking to try the conti but havent heard anything about them. have you had them on the freeway and on grooves? thanks j

  3. Fuckin' love 'em! I've been using K112's since the 80's and have not found a better all around tire. They are great in the rain and I've ridden in the snow with them too. Great choice.

  4. Do you run the K112 on the front backwards?