Friday, August 3, 2012

George Miller's 82nd Birthday

George in 1951...dig those "Jersey Boy" shocks!

We all signed the picture

George telling stories

Hey...The kid's still got it!

One of George's old Indian Scout racers (now with a new owner)

A few words of wisdom

Fred's '66 

Leigh's '62

Mail Call...

Interior Design

Cool place

A bit more polished then I'm used to...but real nice!

See you at the next meet "Old Timer"!

The weekend before last, the Neshaminy Valley Chapter of the AMCA had an 82nd birthday party for George Miller in Bucks County PA at a chapter member's place. After unpacking the van from my Wauseon trip, I fired up the '46 Knuckle and headed down there. George has been around motorcycles and racing all his life... Indian's and Harley's. I have done a few posts on The George Miller Collection (Oct 2010). If you put his name in the Search on my blog they'll come up. He has a ton of his great old photos that he copies and sells at a few local meets. I have a house full of them!
George is a great guy and sharp as a tack. He has a ton of detailed stories about racing and motorcycles from the past... as he put it, "I can't tell you what I had for lunch yesterday, but I can tell you what happened at the Trenton Fairgrounds Race Track in 1952!"
George is always a pleasure to be around! Happy Birthday George! Many more...


  1. What would I give to spent a few hours in the company of guys like George? ... I'd bribe with beer!

  2. Very cool.

    Just amazed the springer on the mailbox is still there... must be a nice neighborhood!

  3. It's a late model springer pieced together out of junk.