Monday, October 8, 2012

Jefferson 2012 - Part Four and Final...

Thanks to Scott for this pic of me and Matt Olsen (Matt's on Marty's TT Pan)

Thanks again to Scott for this pic of Carl Olsen on my Hydra-Bob '41 Knuckle

Duo Glide Parking

Marv's Knuckle

Adam's Chopped Knuckle

Pure Grooviness!

Love those seats!

Dave on his "chrome gets you home" '48 Pan

SloJo on (I think) a 1912 H-D. He finished the Cannonball on his 1914 with a perfect score and in second place over all. Brad beat him by a year on his invincible 1913 Excelsior.

Mike picked up a real Gem....

Burrito Rick's Knuck

Another shot of Burrito Rick's Knuckle...Sweet!


The Rocker!

Paul's incredible Flatheads...

...and another...

...and another...

Indian Wayne's Sweet Little Scout

Using Knuckle Power to fire up a Board Tracker...

Nice '47

The line up out front of the club house...

George with his '41 Chief...

Matt Olsen trying out Marty's '50 TT Pan

A cool Knuckle

I think this is the last of the Jefferson pics. Thanks to Scott for sending me the two Olsen pics.


  1. Gotta love the 'Everything Glide', the dedication required to attaching every possible doodad is commendable if not too much else . . .

  2. Always thankful for your posts .... It hurts to see what I'm missing! (Damn!)

  3. So many great bikes... love that Knuck chopper with the Invaders. Wild.

  4. Yeah Guy, That's my buddy Adam's latest creation...a sweet machine.

  5. How did he convert that 67-72 invader rear mag to a mech. brake set-up? Looking to do that on a project I'm on right now.