Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The toll of the T.R.O.G.

The Zapper...when wet

True Grit....

Broke the left tank upper front mount on the Knuckle....
had to safety wire and wire tie it...

I think it's gonna take a little more then this to get the salt and sand off these things...


  1. This beach racing event seems to have been a great weekend. Reminds me of when I in my younger days (mid eighties) rode my BSA on the Danish beaches. Soon after I came back home my wheel bearings went Fu"%"%%ed as the sand had entered the hubs big-time.

    My advice is you better dismantle and change the grease after having cleaned the internals.

    Here is freezing now, damned it.


  2. It all looks good on paper. Where do you find the time and money? I'm jealous.