Friday, October 12, 2012

R.I.P. "Big Mikey"...

Me and Big Mikey circa 1990

My long time friend "Big Mikey" from Jersey passed away last Sunday. The "Big" in his name was more his personality then his size. This guy was someone I considered invincible for the past 30 years. He'd been bounced off bumpers, crashed, flipped off his bike while standing on the seat, had his share of brawls, long nights, took no shit from anyone and a few years ago beat cancer, you name it he killed it! And all the while living it up as he always did. So when his wife called me Sunday to tell me that he passed away while sleeping on the couch, I just couldn't believe it. His heart just gave out they said...I don't know maybe it was full...
Big Mikey bought a 1974 Sportster, brand new, in Jersey and road it to California and back a couple of times. It was his only bike, he owned it til the day he passed...and he rode the piss outta it. We had a lot of great times and I have a lot of great (unbelievable) memories... Thanks Mikey!

Big Mikey leaves behind a wife, a son, a daughter and a select few who will feel the loss of a true friend and at times one crazy ass MFer!


  1. As long as when I go someone writes as many kind words as you have about your pal Mickey I will be really stoked , dead but stoked .

  2. Very nice tribute. Very sorry for your loss.
    Chuck E.