Wednesday, October 17, 2012

T.R.O.G - This Weekend - More Info from Mel...

Default Re: Oilers CC Present: "Race of Gentlemen"

We don't put cars on the beach till Sat morning. Although it would look cool with the bon-fire and the Swingin Neckbreakers near.

The hard part is getting the cars on the beach from the street to the Jetty as of now. Our path of entrance rolls right along the Jetty and there is soft sand here. The tractors can only lightly scrape the top as the rocks protrude here and there through the sand. So we are laying down a shit ton of 3/4 inch plywood to make it easier. 

This will be easy once plywood is down. My Oiler pal ran his flatty powered 30 roadster right through the soft stuff and made it back to the street. We just don't want any erratic driving going on if people are also exiting here. 

We have also changed our plans a little. 

Originally we had planned for a straight run just like a drag race. Early in the season we invisioned this as the center of the beach was real straight. Now we see that the beach has a nice natural curve coming from where you see that American flag on the end of the jetty. We will start right there and follow the naturally sweep along the shoreline. It makes for more fun really, and looks killer too! 

Also some more good news. 

Wind on Saturday is a west wind. Always good for SURF here on the East Coast, and even better for RACING!!!

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  1. Damn I wish I was back up there for this. Looks like it's gonna be a shit ton o' fun.