Sunday, August 3, 2014

The Race of Gentlemen "Competition" Motorcycle Specifications

There has been some confusion as to what bikes will qualify to run on the beach for the Race of Gentlemen this year. "Period Correct" is what Mel is after with the cars, bikes and the entire look and feel of the event. As you know or have seen in photos, Mel goes through a lot of work, trouble and strife to get all the "props", structures, banners, signage, etc. just right to emulate beach racing from the late 1940's / early 50's.
The specs below came out in January, however, based on some of the inquiries I'm receiving, they have not been widely publicized.
Send photos and description of potential "Beach Racers" to:, 

The Race of Gentlemen "Competition" Motorcycle Specs

Year: 1947 or older. American made Motorcycles.

General - Modify your bike for racing. No full fender, "straight of the street", bikes. No headlights, No full fenders, etc. Put a wrench to your bike and strip it down. The idea is to recreate each racing from the '40's and early 50's. All entrees must be pre-approved and must comply with the spirit of the event.
*No Non-Competition bikes allowed in the staging area on the beach unless they are pre-approved Exhibition Motorcycles.
* The below specs are for motorcycles from 1930 - 1947. For motorcycles that are pre 1930... send in your photos and descriptions.

Engine: 1947 or Older: Knucklehead, Flathead, or other American Overheads - No after market S&S motors, etc.

Shifting: Period Hand Shift, Foot Clutch - No "Jockey" style ratchet lids, No "Cheater" hand clutches...
Harley - Tank shift. Indian or other American Motorcycle - Tank shift or off the transmission (i.e. Indian Scouts)

Frame: Harley - Rigid, Indian - Rigid or stock sprung rear (40-47), Other American brands - factory frames

Forks: Period Forks, Springer, Girder, Leaf Spring... Hydraulics i.e. Vard, must be pre-approved

Brakes: Period Mechanical Drum - No disk brakes, or modern drum

Tires: Period Tread - Aggressive OK (i.e. Grasshopper, Firestone ANS) but No Motocross Knobby or Paddle style tires permitted

Number Plates or Painted Numbers - Period Number Plates with racing number clearly visible on both sides of the bike and front fork (if possible). Period style number plates, No yellow plastic Motocross plates with zip ties.  Paint or shoe polish on both sides of the gas tank is OK if you can't do plates.


  1. so I cant run one of my British bikes this year they are totally period correct (1917) why the change?

  2. There are a lot of changes this year (just ask all the Panhead guys). The only non American bikes I remember from last year were a 1927 Triumph with a side car and an old BMW which received special dispensation to run down the beach... However if you read the above specs they apply to American made Motorcycles from 1930 to 1947...If you have a 1929 or older bike no matter what type send in your photos and info to