Sunday, June 21, 2009

41 TT Knuck

Well it looks like it may be time to get off my ass on this project. I have had the chassis together for probably eight years.
I grabbed up a bunch of cool parts and had a buddy (Paul) paint all the black stuff. My vision was to build a TT knuckle. I am using an ELC (Canadian Knuckle) fork which is 2 1/2 inches longer than stock, similar to an XA. The frame is a 41 and happens to be the first knuckle frame I ever bought back when I was 19. The ride control is NOS and came out of Williams HD in NJ also back when I was 19.
I laced up the original Kelsey Hayes 18 inch rims with stainless spokes that I glass beaded to look like Cadmium (old restoration trick) and I mounted original 4.50 X18 Goodyear Deluxe All Weather (yeah right!) tires. I used a bunch of original and NOS hardware, Springs, rockers, etc. to put the forks together.
The handle bars are low Flanders and the risers are the shortest Flanders they made. I like the look but they hit the cats eye dash so I'll have to figure something out...hey just leave the dash and speedo off! What the hell it's a TT bike anyway...

The motor needs some finishing up. The lower end has been done for over 15 years (waitin' on me) so it shouldn't be too much to get it buttoned up. I would love to get a front mounted magneto for it.
I really don't know why I waited so long to get back to this one, maybe it was just too clean!


  1. Nice project. Are you going to have it at Wauseon? This years theme is Bobbers.

  2. Don't think it will make Wauseon that's less then a month away.

  3. Can't wait to see that one done...

  4. Good to see another knuck see the road again

    Ride Long & Safe Bro

  5. It's coming along. should get the motor finished up and installed in a couple weeks. I hope!