Friday, June 5, 2009

Got Distracted By Miss Monroe

Before I got distracted by the unpublished pics of Marilyn Monroe I was talking about Vic Salvador. Let me get back to that again.
I found a few more pics from a visit a few years ago. I actually met Vic through another HillClimb Champ Charlie Jacob. Many years ago a friend bought a couple of Ice racers and stuff from Charlie. I ended up with an HD 45 Ice racer and another friend got the Norton. Well the Norton had the HD rear wheel and the Harley had the Norton rear wheel on it. It turns out that the Norton had belonged to Vic. He and Charlie used to ice race (before global warming). I hooked him up with the new owner of the Norton and not long after that they made a deal and Vic got his old Norton back. I told Vic about the wheels and he was willing to trade! It took another five years before we got together and traded wheels. But at last the bikes had the proper parts. We were both happy. Above is a picture of the Norton Ice Racer and Vic's shop with a couple of WLs that he put together and rides not to mention his GREAT 57 Chevy and a bunch of other stuff. Vic is still putting old shit together in the shop in his mid 70s. Oh yeah his racing Jersey from the 50s is still hanging on the back of the door! And no shit he is into Heavy Metal!!


  1. Just the kinda guy that inspires me not to turn into an old fart.

  2. Yeah you said it Guy. There is a glimmer of hope over here... my oldest son finally got his MC permit yesterday. He now wants to build a "blacked out" tank shift bike. Maybe I will have someone to help out with all this shit when I'm Vic's age...

  3. Ha ha! That's a positive development... your kids can't resist the lure of H-Ds for ever...