Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Vic's WR Powered Hillclimber Resurfaced in 2007

A few posts back I told you (if there is anyone reading this crap) about my friend Vic who was a National Champion Hillclimber back in the 50's and early 60's. I forgot to mention that back in the early 60's he sold his hillclimb WR and always wondered what became of it. Well for whatever reason I have a knack for remembering numbers and having seen his old racing licence with the serial number to his WR written on it, I committed it to memory.

Well I was at Rhinebeck in 2007 riding around the meet on my U model when I spotted a hillclimber and some parts sitting out at a vendor space. I love these old climbers and already own a few so I immediately pulled in to see if it was for sale. It looked vaguely familiar so I checked it out the serial number and no shit it was Vic's old bike. It had changed a bit over the years substituting the old single spring fork with a more modern hydraulic one. (the spring fork was among the parts sitting next to it).

I spoke to the owner who was not selling it by the way and let him know what history I had on it. I called Vic and sent him the pictures and gave him the new owners number. From what Vic tells me the two ever hooked up. Oh well.

You never know whats gonna pop up.


  1. Great story, and yes there are someone reading your stuff.

  2. Thanks Sverre. Sometimes I think I am writting this stuff to myself!

  3. I always enjoy your posts! Any idea what that front end is? The brake drum looks like Honda?

  4. Thanks Tip Top. I have no clue about the fork thats on it in the pic. The old one was a Harley Single fork from the late 20's.