Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Well Junior #2 wants to revive the old 57 "Black Jersey Pan". I helped a buddy back in Jersey build this thing back in the mid 80's. I bought it from him in the spring of 06 along with a lot of my parts that I "loaned" him to get it going 25 years ago. It was laying in his shed with two flats, no oil, no battery, and all fucked up. You know... missing 4 out of 5 bolts that hold in the oil tank that kind of thing. I will admit that he rode the shit out of it back when... just never fixed it much.
I straightened it out so I could ride it and did for about a year. I set it aside and yes like everything else that sits too long around here, I started pulling parts off it for other projects (just a few). Well now my middle boy wants to put it back up and ride it so I dragged it out and it's time to straighten it out again!