Sunday, September 20, 2009

Found One!!!

I found an old Harley in a barn yesterday! I was out riding my 39 EL and stopped at an undisclosed location. A kid about 14 years old walks up to me and asks about the knuckle. He then tells me there is an old Harley in a barn on the property that looks like mine. He says "I'll show it to you if you want" well I WANT! He yells over to his mother. "Hey mom I'm gonna show this guy the old Harley" well a few other heads turned and said "what?" "Where is it?". Me and that kid were outta there before anyone was the wiser! He walked me down past several buildings until we came to an opened barn and he said "There it is!" I looked in and way in the back of the building I saw the silhouette of a set of handle bars and as my eyes focused I saw what the handle bars were attached to. There it was! The kid says "I didn't even know it was here 'til yesterday."
A 1934 RL 45 inch flathead! Unbelievable!


  1. I'm as jealous as hell .... keep us informed ....

  2. It's hard to believe they haven't all been found out, especially bikes that old, looks to be in great condition for a barn find. Fairly rare model at that. Let us know if you score it.