Monday, September 14, 2009

HillClimbs Freemansburg PA

Good Old fashion police harassment!

The Burn Out Pit was Smokin'

Burn Out pit victims!

I hope it was worth it to the winner! He/she gets $100...Dopes!

1st and only place in my class...

Rode home Brando style...sort of.

Well it was a beautiful Sunday morning. I took a ride up to the Hillclimbs in Freemansburg PA. Met up with some friends and enjoyed the climbs.

The police were out in force and you had to ride through a gauntlet to get in and out of the place. They were ticketing, towing you name it! No inspection? No problem...ticket and in some cases you were hitching a ride with the tow truck driver or worse riding "bitch" all the way home on a buddy's bike! (I'd rather walk).

There was an old 70's style chopped Sportster in the bike show. It had a "no inspection" ticket taped to the gas tank! Rumor has it the cop walked right up and taped it to the bike while it was in the show!

I really don't know how or why I've never been dragged away in cuffs for the bikes I ride up there. Some how I ride right through...lucky, they usually don't know what to make of me riding the junk yard specials!

People were burning up their bikes and tires in the "Burn Out Pit". Yeah!!! Rip a $200 tire to pieces for the chance at a $100 prize to the winner! Yeah! I've done stupider stuff for nothin'!

When I rolled in they flagged me into the bike show and put me in my own category. After the show I rode to the bar with the trophy tied onto the handle bars with police tape! Rode right back through the gauntlet on the way out.

All in all it was a good day for some and a shitty day for others. Oh yeah the Hillclimbs were good too!

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