Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Summer of '84

Hard to believe this was 25 years ago! My 47 knuckle in it's first incarnation. I took these pictures on the road to the Empire Chapter AMCA Meet in NY State. I rode up with a bunch of guys from the Colonial Chapter (North Jersey). It was hard waiting up for the Indian guys all the time but we eventually got there.
The meet was held at the Electric City Riders club house back then. What a great place. They had a dirt track and all. The year before I had bought the frame for this bike at this meet. The following year (I think) the road washed out and they moved the meet to Pine Grove Farm and then to Brookfield NY. Now it's kinda of morphed into the "Rhinebeck Super Meet".
The amount of great stuff to be had at those old swap meets was incredible!

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