Monday, September 28, 2009


My kid bought me the DVD in August. I had never seen the movie and have been half assed looking for it for years. I liked it. Seems like they borrowed a bunch from The Wild One and the wardrobe was a little heavy on the Greenwich Village look. The bikes were close for what ever year it was supposed to be. Nothing way out of line that I noticed. Although in all my years messing with this shit I have never seen a primary chain break!
One thing I loved about it...Everyone was pissed off all the


  1. ha, the first day we left for davenport, mike's primary chain snapped in Pie Town NM. it bound up between the clutch basket and inner primary. we looked at each other and said....."never seen a primary chain break before."

  2. The gay overtones are definitely there.

    But the cheesy dialogue, Robert Gordon/John Lurie soundtrack and arty long shots of those Pans makes up for it!