Thursday, April 7, 2011

1941 Clutch Foot Lever and Bracket

Comparing a 41-45 bracket with a 46 and later. Notice the grease fitting hole.

Clutch foot lever
I was already to Parkerize a nice clutch foot lever bracket for my 41 FLTT. I won't ruin old Parkerized parts cause they'll fit nice on an unrestored bike. So I found one that had been painted black years ago. I was ready to pop it in the glass beader when I noticed it was a friggin' 46 and later model...No grease fitting...Fuck... I searched high and low and could not find a 41 - 45 bracket that fit the bill. When I was about to resign myself to using the later one I checked one last place...a 47 knuckle project rolling chassis that I had slapped together years luck would have it I put a complete 41 - 45 foot clutch lever set up on it by mistake! The clutch lever is different also (no dog leg at the rear of the pedal). This one was perfect and had been painted flat guilt in blasting and re-Parkerizing!

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