Sunday, April 24, 2011

36 / 37 Wheels...I Wheelie Need A Break...sorry

Beautiful 37 wheel with Cad plated (once) Rim

Broke it down and cleaned it up... it is sweet!

Old Cad

Original tube...dare I reuse? Yup

Nice 1936 EL Yellow Wheel with 35-36 Cad Star

36 yellow Wheel

I've been looking for the right wheel for the back of the 39 EL I'm building (no luck finding another red step hub). So far they have all been 35-37 hubs with the crappy internals (per Matt Olsen). I was hoping to find at least one with the 38 and up guts. Nope. I pulled the filthy front wheel off my "Dirty Nine" EL and after cleaning it up I realized it is a 1936 yellow wheel. I couldn't even tell what color it was before. I'm doing all kinds of swapping of wheels and brakes right now trying to make things right. For example my WWII UL had step hubs on it so I'm swapping them with the proper wheels. I'm hoping they are 38/39 hubs, but haven't popped 'em opened yet.

The 1936 wheel has the star with the two notches that go all the way through. This was designed to drive the speedo cable on the 1935 RL (first use of the star hub). The way I can tell if the wheel was used on a 36 Knuckle is that the notches aren't beat to shit and worn from the speedo drive.
The 1937 wheel I found was Cad plated (optional in '37). It is real nice. It had a well worn Firestone S-3 tire and an original Firestone tube... But check out the top picture and look close at the can see GOODYEAR molded in as well, behind the Firestone lettering...Weird, but I have seen this before.

I love pulling apart virgin shit like this. Check out the Cad on the inside of the rim. I think I'll upgrade the sleeve on this one and use it for the rear of my '39.

Well...back to the grease pit...

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