Monday, April 11, 2011

Beautiful Night

So its the nicest day and night of the year...80 plus degrees.

My buddy Mike and I decide to take a ride and hit a Bike Night up at a somewhat local Tavern. We haven't been out ridin' together since probably September. He meets me at a place near my house an we set out ... well almost...after way too many kicks his Pan fires up. I pull out of the lot on my 47 FL and blast down the road. A quick turn of the head and nope...he ain't there. I ride a little further thinkin' he got caught behind a car and will catch up...nope. I turn around and find him fuckin' with the bike at an intersection. we diddle around with it a bit and it fires up...he's thinkin' electrical...of course he made the mistake of asking my advice as to whether to turn back or keep going...I aways keep going...well another 1/8 of a mile and I look back and he's pulling off the road. I turn around again and find him with the seat off fucking with the wiring.

After a 2 minute consultation I decide to perform a Bypass...I run a wire from the Hot side of the battery directly to the hot side of the coil... I won't get into the twisted wire/rigging techniques used to perform this operation in the field but needless to say it was messy, yet effective. The bike fired up but this time the question wasn't asked. Mike decided to ride it back to my place and call his wife for a ride home...Ouch... (she didn't answer anyway) I offered my 57 Pan but he was too disgusted at that point and started to walk the mile up to the closest Tavern to wait on his ride. I said adios and enjoyed the warm ride out, and although 10,000 bugs decided to commit suicide in my face, it was a great ride. I returned home to find his Pan still in the yard and no sign of him...I guess I'll tuck it away for the night...

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