Friday, August 5, 2011

41 FLTT - Exhausting!

Check the O.D. on the top pipe

top Superior squash doesn't work. Check out bracket.

See a problem? Where's my grinder?

Nice! I hate building clean bikes!

I have been fuckin' off all summer and got ZERO work done on projects. I recently started messing with the exhaust for my 41 FLTT.

Even old repro is a no go! I had an NOS Superior exhaust still in the Dixi box. Nothing works. The Y pipe end that fits into the squash pipe has an O.D that is too big to fit ( Y would they do that?). The squash pipe's bracket has the wrong angle and is too long....NO FIT!

So I bought a "good" repro Y pipe at Wauseon. It fits and looks pretty good but as you can see from the pics the inside where the flange meets the pipe is unfinished and needs work. Check it out compared to the original!

I have decided to get this bike done and running by this Wednesday...let's see if I can do it...

By the way I'll be fuckin' off all weekend and won't start workin' on it 'til Monday.

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