Monday, August 8, 2011

41 FLTT - Tempers Flared!

New Line on the far right
Hhhhmm...see a problem?

I HATE building clean bikes!

Repro NO GO again! I had a good used overhead oil line on the 41 FLTT motor but I decided to replace it with a nice new one to match the rest of the bike. I HATE building clean bikes! I've had the line sitting around since Oley in April and just decided to replace it today, and since the one on my crusty 46 is leaking I could kill two birds with one line. I HATE building clean bikes!

Well, as you can see it won't fuckin' fit! I HATE building clean bikes! Yes... I could break out the flaring tool and fuck with it but I put the used one back on. I'll fix the one on my 46. I HATE building clean bikes!

You would think that the folks selling this stuff would at least check to see if it fits what it's supposed to....especially since I bought the lower fitting from the same folks and it doesn't even come close to fit their own fitting!

Oh, have I mentioned that I HATE building clean bikes?


  1. Jeff, to read this give me a feeling that there is some agression towards makers of crappy repop parts inside you, or?

    I could tell you some stories with parts from supposedly serious actors I have recieved trough the years, or at least they are serious in selling a lot and one should think they could afford making things right ?

    Hey, except from this your feeling OK?



  2. You got it Sverre! Yeah I am feeling OK! A bad day working on Knuckleheads beats a good day at work!!!