Monday, August 22, 2011

John Ciccarelli's Indian Hillclimber at Brookfield 2011

I spotted this Indian Hillclimber in the back of a pickup that was pulling into Brookfield on Friday morning. I followed it until it stopped and asked the obvious question...the answer was No.

So I asked the next obvious question...the answer was Yes, I know who rode father John Ciccarelli... Jack Ciccarelli, John's son, brought the bike out to display at the meet.

Now, having done a bit of research on Hillclimbing and knowing a few of the old timers, I recognized the name. I dropped a few names of guys I knew or knew of and off we went exchanging stories. Jack spent a lot of time with his dad at the Hillclimbs and knew a bunch of the old riders that I knew. He had interesting stories and details regarding the bikes and the riders.

It was great to "shoot the shit" with another Hillclimb enthusiast...especially one that was there!

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