Monday, August 8, 2011

41 FLTT - Exhaustion

Crude but effective

Getting there! (see "41 FLTT Exhausting" post)

Done and suitable for mounting...

Needed a Squash pipe...found a donor

Made things right with a suitable replacement

Back to the exhaustion...had to grind out the mess they left in the WHY?! pipe. Time wasted! Just make it right!!!! Then I had to find an original chrome squash pipe. I found some nice crusty ones in great shape and had to swap one out the one on my other 41 had usable chrome. I replaced it with a crusty silver painted one and it blends right in...
Now I have all the pipes ready to go... but I need suitable (I think that's the third time I used "suitable" in this post...oops that's four) clamps and bolts...I hate building clean bikes!

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