Wednesday, February 22, 2012

41 FLTT Fine Tune and Polish

I haven't messed with the 41 FLTT since the initial start up. I finally got around to dumping the "start up" oil and refilling with H-D 50 W. The thing starts on one kick every far...I dialed in the carb and blasted up and down the road a bit for some fine tuning. I washed the rest of the sticky dust off it from being in the house for so long and polished it up...not used to that! 
OK now what do I do with it????? I need to get some lights and a plate on it and turn it into a street bike!


  1. Nice work, Jeff. It looks really good.

  2. Damn! The paint work on that bike makes it!!!! LOL! Ahhhh lights are over rated!!!!!

  3. You're right it does and yes they are...