Monday, February 6, 2012

Love Fest...Part 1

 Love Cycles

 Jeremiah's Knuckle

 In the shop

 Parts and beer

Knuckles everywhere

 Sweet Pan

Max came out from California

Kelly took a shit load pictures

Kelly with Billy (Thanks for lettin' me take the Pan for a spin!)

Bad Ass Bobbed Knuckle

Kelly and I just touched down in Philly from a fantastic few days in Arizona at the Love Cycles Party! What a great time...Sunshine, 70's, great bikes, Mexican food and great people! I even found some PA beer out there... not my brand but Kelly was happy with the Rolling Rock.
Here's a few shots, many more to come...


  1. jeff... it was great hanging with you and kelly.
    good times, and thanks for the rolling rock!

  2. You're Welcome for the beer Max. It was great to see you again. Until next time...