Thursday, February 9, 2012

Love Fest Part 4 - Saturday Night!

 Billy's Pan

Billy prior to letting me take his Pan for a cruise

 Lightening Bolt...amazing story

 Another shot of Billy's Pan

 Dave and his Knuckle

 GK cover bike

 Mike, Dave, me and Rick

 Mike's Indian Pull Starter!

 Rick on his Knuckle

Mike, Jeremiah and Rick

Saturday night at the Love Cycles party was another great time. I met a bunch of people and got a chance to check out cool bikes all night.
So here's a crazy story...Kelly and I are checking out the lightening bolts on the rear fender of this green Knuckle (see picture above) when a guy yells over "Hey, are you from the East Coast?" Yeah I say... "What's your name?" I tell him and he says "KnuckleBuster blog?" Yeah...He introduces himself , Dave from San Francisco...It turns out he reads the blog and has been looking for the Lightening Bolt saddle bag plates that I have on my "Dirty Nine " Knuckle forever but can't find them or any info on them, so he shows a picture of my bike to a painter and has them painted on his bike...when? 3 hours ago! What are the chances of a guy from the West coast and a guy from the East coast meeting in Arizona 3 hours after one paints his bike from a picture of the other ones bike?????
 Dave introduced us to Mike and Rick...and here's another catch. Mike (who lives in Arizona) met me before in Oley PA years ago when I was doing burn outs on my 46 Knuckle...You can't make this shit up!
Mike invited Kelly and I over for a great BBQ and Super Bowl/ Bike Party on Sunday night. Jeremiah, Max and a bunch of folks from the Love party were there too. Really good time. It was great to meet you guys!
Arizona in February is the place to be!

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  1. The Love show was very cool...AZ rocks ALL year long...110+ summers mean lots of short shorts BUT that look is best on the women, so guys please do us all a favor.....