Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Love Fest Part 2 - The Night Before

 Hanging with Tom Fugal at the shop on Friday night

 VL Knuckle

 Jeremiah's Knuckle

 Knuckle cradled in the VL Frame
 Tom Fugal's Chopper

 Inside the shop Friday Night

 Max's Shovel

 Setting the stage...

Outside the hotel Saturday Morning

Here are some pictures from Friday night at LOVE Cycles. Kelly and I hung out for a while during the set up for the show. I must say that Jeremiah welcomes everyone with open arms and you never feel uncomfortable wandering through the shop. The collection of bikes, parts and memorabilia is impressive...Choppermania! 
Kelly and I spent most of the evening at the shop outside talking with Tom Fugal and listening to tails of "Magic and Myth" (to quote Tom).  He told us about the ride that Jeremiah took (about 50 bikes on) that day to Tortilla Flats. It sounded great so we decided to check it out Saturday before the show (unfortunately in a rental car). More pictures to follow...

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