Saturday, February 11, 2012

Love Fest Part 5...Whole Lotta Love

 Lot shot (sent by Dave)
 Rick and Dave (sent by Dave)

 A blurry shot of me and Jimmy...which seems appropriate...

 Awards...Jeremiah and Tom Fugal presenting

 Black Tibetans on stage

 I did not get enough quality time with this Knuckle

The Love Show pictures keep popping up. A camera, two cell phones and an IPad's worth...not to mention a couple emailed to me from Dave in Frisco (Thanks Dave!). There's more that I will dribble out eventually...sorry for the fuzzy indoor/ night shots...oh yeah and I'll spare you all the scenery pictures (Kelly took pictures of every rock, cactus and road sign from Phoenix to Sedona...).


  1. Wow... I'm so envious. Glad you hooked up with Mr Monk!

  2. Yes it's odd where I run into Mr. Monk from time to time...I got to meet and talk a bit to Matt from Dice as well.