Saturday, November 24, 2012

One Step Forward...

Reworking the wiring...

Really sweet original paint headlight...both beams still working!

Nice profile...

Hey...that doesn't look good!

Fuck...more work and more parts to get....

Now I'm over posting...
I finished up the front brake, headlight bracket wiring and headlight install. Man that original paint headlight is nice. I liberated it from an original paint Harley Hummer. Things were looking good and I headed back to finish up the rear section. I was moving toward the rear end and noticed that something didn't look Kosher with the top motor mount...Damn! Cracked. Well better to find it now then after it's on the road. I seem to break these quite I'll have to check my other knuckles just in case...
I've heard that these motor mounts were designed to break as a safety so you didn't brake your frame. If that's the case, they are working properly...the question is... What caused it? Just a bad motor mount? My riding habits? Something else loose? I will have to investigate.


  1. Somehow - I don't think the motor company anticipated your riding habits .... Ha

  2. I have broken many, I know if you dont have it shimmed perfectly straight so there is no bind when you tighten the motor mount bolts it will always break soon after

  3. Thanks Teach, Yeah I do shim them up at install. I just checked my other knuckles and they look good. I'm going over everything else to make sure there's nothing loose. I'm gonna order another one, shim it and keep checking it...

  4. Well,I used a solid shim,no multiple washers. Then again I don't beat the balls off my knucklehead (though I ain't afraid to roll on the throttle). When I put my motor in I tightened the rear mounts all the way(reasoning is it's the largest mount to ground the motor to the frame),then shimmed the front mounts tightened it,then the upper motor mount. I haven't broken mine yet(about 4 yrs. now).


  5. Yeah Tim that's the same way I've been bolting in my motors for the past 30 years...same process...back first, shim the front and then the top...I think I'll use the heavy duty mount I posted and try that.

  6. Check your fame carefully for cracked tubes that is sometimes an un-welcomed pain is the butt that can cause this.