Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Blizzard Ridin'...'52 Servi-Car

It's a great night for the 1952 Servi-Car!!! Out fuckin' around the bar parking lot with bald 60 year old Goodyear tires. A buddy shot some I-PhoneVideo...
I blew my fuckin' headlight bulb again!!!! And my friggin' rear brakes don't work either...oh, and my exhaust blew apart...and I realized today I have a head gasket leak in the rear cylinder...and I obviously didn't let it warm up...
 I think I'll duct tape a Mag lite to the handle bars and head back out...


  1. Yeah Tim...It beats analyzing old biker movies on the tube!

  2. Dammit that rules! Seeing that makes me even more crazy about getting a servi!