Wednesday, January 15, 2014

T.R.O.G. Mystery of the Stolen H-D Jersey... Solved

At the Jefferson meet in October, I purchased two great Harley-Davidson Racing Jerseys that had been made by a member of the chapter. Why two? Cause I figured I'd fuck one up and it was a limited run... Perfect, due to the fact that The Race of Gentlemen in Wildwood was only a day away! A bunch of other guys that were also gonna race saw me wearing the Jersey around Jefferson and bought a bunch.
Well, when I got to Wildwood to race I copped an attitude or something (blurry) and decided not to where the Jersey...I had it on the handlebars of my 45 and was running the Knuckle...well to make a long story short, when I got home from the race I realized the Jersey was missing and figured someone stole it off the 45 while I was racing or drinking or whatevering...Sucks!
Fast forward to this morning...I'm on the phone discussing details for the 2014 TROG with Mel and mentioned that my Jersey was stolen at the last TROG. He said "Fuck I know who has it." Well, it turns out that in some incoherent fumbling, I left the Jersey hanging on a fence..After all was said and done with the race on Sunday, Scott Toepfer (who was in town from California photographing the event and hanging with the Oilers) found it and told Mel, who said "I don't know? keep it" or something to that affect.
I emailed Scott and told him I was glad it wasn't stolen and that it was a gift (I do have another one)...Scott sent me back a pic of him wearing the Jersey beating the piss out of a 45 in some type of dirt event on the West Coast...check out the pic above...
It looks like the Jersey is in good hands! and all was right with the word....

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