Sunday, January 19, 2014

Electra Glide in Blue... Flathead Stunt Double!

John Evergreen (Robert Blake) and partner "Zipper" 
on their '72 Shovelhead Electra Glides

When Zipper's bike crashes it turns into a late 30's UL 
in a '58 - '64 swing arm frame!

Early UL motor with smooth cam cover!

Check out the other side...


I was kicking back tonight and popped "Electra Glide in Blue" on the tube (On Demand)...I'd only seen the closing scene before and figured I'd watch it from start to finish. As I watched the film I noticed that the bikes the two main characters were riding would change from '72 Electra Glides with front disc brakes (the movie came out in 1973) to drum brake pre '69 Electra Glides. I'm guessing Pre-69 because the drums where on the left and  '69 thru '71 had the front drum on the big deal, in the line up at the beginning of the movie they showed a mix of drum and disc brake machines.
Well, at about 1 hour and 19 minutes in, Robert Blake and his partner are chasing some innocent kids on motorcycles when Blake kicks the front wheel of his partner's bike to stop him from shooting one of the kids. The bike crashes and flips...I had to do a double take...I couldn't believe it...Did that Electra Glide turn into a UL??? I hit rewind and pause 20 times trying to get a good picture...Sure enough the Electra Glide changed into a late 30's UL motor (flat cam cover) in a '58 - '64 Duo Glide frame!


  1. Have to admit... I find your investigative skills fascinating.


  2. Nowadays they'd smash the shovelhead!

  3. Thanks Tim...musta been a slow night...

  4. Yeah Jimmy, Save the Flatty and smash the Shovel!