Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Oley 27 Years Ago! 1987...Still the Best!

Oh yeah! Same spot at Oley since the 80's...There's my 64 Chevy II Wagon/Camper with all the bells and whistles! These were the pre-EZ Up Years...Check out the firehouse in the background...I still have most of these parts too. That Crocker Speedway wheel is on my mantel...and the 45 wheel leaning on the tailgate is on a 1945 "45" that I still have.

It didn't get any better than this! Can you make out that purple Knuckle frame with the molded Sportster tank in the middle left of the picture...that's the frame I'm using today for my Flat Track Knuckle project that I'm building!

Mike Terry and Steve...Billy Rosendale's Duo-Glide...

This gentleman from Long Island was a common
 site at Oley and Harmony

The great Gene Baron on his WR...RIP

Mike Steve and Billy Rosendale...RIP Billy!
That bicycle cost me $5 and is sitting in my living room with a Merkel Motor Wheel on it...

I don't know if I was Coming or Going...and still don't!

How about a close up of this Nefarious Character... Yikes!

 Reminiscing about Oley's gone by...I found these pictures from 1987 and thought it would be apropos to post them now. What a great time this meet has been! I've not missed one since they began...

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  1. HEY ..Hollywood thanks for the BLAST FROM THE PAST great seeing you at OLEY this year .