Tuesday, June 16, 2015

"Dirty Nine" Upgrades

My left 1946 saddlebag flap has had it...I lost the bag long ago...My "Dirty Nine" was equipped with a 1946 Buddy Seat and saddlebag combo...

Haven't seen that paint under the saddlebag mount for a decade...

Last week I got off the bike and the leather and horse hair came with me...the old 1946 buddy seat has run out of service...maybe it can be saved?

Time to unbolt the old girl...

You can get away with removing the seat and leaving the spring clips on if you remove the right combination of bolts (and if the seat was installed correctly).

Luckily I had another suitable 1946 Buddy seat

Off with the old and on with the old...

Blends right in...nice!

Sporting her replacement seat and left bagless look with the Lightening Bolt reinstalled 

A bit lopsided for now...but there is hope

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