Thursday, June 18, 2015

Rhinebeck 2015

Pair of Oldies..

Ken and his Servi

Paul haulin' Servi

Mr. Monk's vending table

Dead sexy...

Fresh Find...1941

Jersey style front shocks!



Lost the coil on the "Dirty Nine"... bracket broke...who knows how long it was hanging by the wires before I noticed it...someone many decades ago made an adapter plate so they could use a pan coil on her. The bracket on the coil itself cracked off. There was no bottom bolt...musta lost that years ago...

Matt loaned me a bolt, lock washer and nut...I slid the coil back into place and bolted the bottom...Like New!

Adam documenting...

Cool...Insect winged, Bat eared, Eagle clawed, Crazy eyed, Red Flying Elephant
Why not?

Got goodies! Oh yeah!

Box of love...

'36 Knuckle tank that is going to be used as a funeral urn..the guy that owns it is having all his friends carve their names in it and then his ashes will be put in it and buried...'36 guys are cringing!!!
I think Bolt-On was trying to sneak up behind me and grab it!


Jay Cagney doing a photo session with the Old Dirty Nine...

Jay's Iron Head

Rhinebeck was fun. Bought some cool stuff and had a blast! The foot traffic was lighter than past years, but plenty of vendors. I shoulda took more pictures...the highlight was that 41 Knuckle fresh outta Pennsy!

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