Thursday, October 29, 2009

57 Pan - Modifications from 25 years ago

Tank mounts repositioned so the tank halves just about touch in the center.

A 25 year old oil tank repair and an Anderson peg.

A slick throttle cable bracket made from a Linkert Low Speed needle piece.

While I work on the 57 Pan I am finding things I had forgotten about from 25 years ago. As I have mentioned in past posts this was a friend of mines bike that I helped him out with back then. I bought it from him a couple of years ago.
Another friend of ours (Eddy) was a bike builder and HD mechanic. He put some cool functional modifications on everything he touched. Never anything fancy. These were functional stripped down Harleys...capable of evading high speed pursuit if necessary or any other fun stuff you got yourself into on a Saturday night!
Ahhhh... those early mornings hammering over the Outerbridge Crossing from Staten Island on your way home...never mind...

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