Saturday, October 10, 2009

One More Old Chopper Paint Job...With a question.

I think I am over blogging today but here is one more.

I've had this tank for 25 years. It had a matching wishbone frame that was beautifully done with the same paint and molded to perfection. The guy had a 48 UL in it from what I understand. Well I fucked it up and ground and chiseled all that hard work off and put the frame back to original...ugh just leave shit alone! I did leave the tank alone and threw it on the pile.

Now the only picture I have of the frame is just by chance. It is in the background of the basement shot from 1987 above. If you click on the picture you can see the frame with the tank on it leaning against the bench. Check out the wild electric control panel molded in below the tank!
Now the guy told me at the time that years before (not sure how many) ...
"That famous guy from California molded and painted it."

Anybody recognize this work?

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