Monday, October 19, 2009

57 Pan...not focused yet

So much for focus.
I spent the day working on my 57 Pan "Ape Hanger". It's been sitting in the shop since June (see previous post) when my middle kid and I started to work some of the bugs out of it (big bugs).
Today I got the primary back together with the HD Sturgis belt drive set up. The inner cover was all busted up. I picked up a brand new Paughco inner and outer (what the hell it's a chopper) at the Jefferson meet a couple weeks ago for cheap. That went together easy enough. I installed a working 57 speedo, cable and drive so the kids know how fast they're going when they lie to the cops.
I cleaned up the front wheel, reassembled the front brakes with usable shoes and installed a longer front brake cable that didn't have stretch like a guitar string to reach the ape hangers like the previous one.
Let's it looks like a tack weld on the shifter pivot sleeve (loose and wobbly) and assemble all that, bolt the tanks back on, connect the rear brake rod, rear chain and mount the white Italian solo seat and pad.
Or go back to the 39 or...

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