Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Jefferson '09

View of part of the meet from the top of the hill

I attended one of my favorite AMCA meets of the year this past weekend in Jefferson PA.

It's not big Monster Meet and I usually don't load the truck with parts, but it is the most laid back old fashioned good time that I have all year.

In the changing world of Rules, Rules, Rules, this meet is a breath of fresh (old style) air. Roll in on Thursday afternoon - No problem, Camp fires - No problem, Beer etc. - No problem, Ride your motorcycle like an asshole - no problem, Stay up all night acting like an asshole - no problem (well sometimes). Hell, I probably had 30 people around my camp fire 'til god knows when.

The White Rose MC grounds are great. The Hill Climb is right there (they have the event the week before). The club house has beer on tap, Fried Oyster sandwiches, bathrooms (optional), showers (also optional). They play old Hill Climb, MC home movies and News Reels all day long.

The area is great to take a ride through the country. I had my old blue "Dirty Nine"EL with me and did a little cruisin' around. There is a state park about two miles away and Jefferson is about 20 miles away from the York PA Harley-Davidson Plant.

I wish I took some pictures of the bikes and shit but I was too busy enjoying the place.

The pic of my '39 is at a lake in another part of PA on Sunday.

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