Saturday, October 24, 2009


My ex- wife took a trip to California in 1986 and visited The Shop in Ventura. She took some pictures for me. Check out the prices of the bikes for sale on the white board. That 1960 Duo-Glide looks pretty good (except for the 61-64 tanks) for $4,000. I like the basket case prices too. An indian 4 cyl. for $4000! And this was retail!
Check out the signs hanging from the bikes. A 1951 vertical Indian used in The Wild One.
Here I go again reminiscing (and kicking myself) about the old days and passing up complete Indian chief basket cases for $1,500 or less... sometimes much less.
Get ready for "Summer 2010" scary...


  1. i would be happy with that pick of fonzy and the gang. isnt that the knucklehead with a mouse trap set up? they did that because he couldnt ride with the tank shift...or thats what i heard.

  2. What's that 'U' for 15 grand? Can't read what's in the brackets...

  3. (With Sidecar) still a bit steep compared to the rest.